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Relocating your offices or business, Dempro Moving is who you need ! Dempro will manage and organize your relocating project, whether it is a move within the same facility or you are moving to a new location altogether. A representative will meet with you on location in order to plan the move with you and evaluate the requirements in terms of equipment and manpower. The representative can then plan your future move. Each step of the move will be planned and done by our qualified movers to take into account the productivity and dynamics specific to your business.

Based on your company operations and the steps needed to complete the move, our representative will prepare a moving plan respecting your work schedule. The representative will train and explain to your staff how to identify and code any work material and equipment in preparation for moving day. At a time scheduled in advance, our trained and specialized movers will come in with dollies and specialized equipment for your computer material, accompanied by a team of certified assembly/disassembly personnel, to efficiently transport your equipment. Our goal as commercial movers is to ensure the relocating is done in the shortest of delays in order for business as usual to resume as soon as possible. Choosing Dempro means choosing a mover who will maximize efficiency in order to minimize downtime for your business.

Contact us via phone or e-mail and one of our representatives will contact you to make an appointment in order to better assess your needs and optimize your relocating experience. Montreal, Laval and North Shore entrepreneurs, Dempro offers a cost effective and profitable solution for you and your business. Choosing Dempro will ensure a move that is well planned, well organized and above all, well orchestrated ! Maintain your rhythm with Dempro !

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